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Labia Reduction Surgery Doctors Canada

The Vagina and the Vulva


How Labiaplasty Surgery in Canada can help you

We can understand why most of the women should feel embarrassed to share some of their private physical issues. Especially when it comes to their anatomy or the appearance of their sexual organs, they feel inconvenience to discuss and as a result, they are struggling with enlarged labia. And they suffer in silence and feel so insecure about their vagina’s shape.


Indeed, enlarged labia are a very common issue that some women have it naturally and some improve because of childbirth. Even, we have a better solution for this kind of unsecured problems. Are you also suffering from it? Why don’t you opt for Labial Reduction, also referred to as Labiaplasty? This is a safe, secure, and quick procedure that decreases excess labial skin for a more aesthetically satisfying appearance and can likewise ease physical inconvenience brought about by huge, drooping or protruding labia.


If you have been searching for the best surgeon for Labiaplasty Surgery in Canada over a long time? Meridia Medical is the right place to contact and we can proudly state that most of our patients are happily living their lives now and reportedly, improved sensation during intercourse after Labiaplasty surgery.

At Meridia Medical, our expert doctors comprehend that how sensitive this surgery is and Dr. Gerber is so concerned about your issues. With better advice, you can easily choose if this technique is right for you.

The exact purpose of Labiaplasty surgery:

The purpose of Labiaplasty Surgery in Canada is usually to address labial appearance and beautifully enhance the female genitalia. Traditionally, doctors have been done with such conventional methods. However now, we are so advanced in terms of science and technology which helps us to use improved laser techniques in many ailments. In this particular circumstance, it can be done by our specialist Dr. Gerber with Laser for a faster and more secure medical procedure.


Labiaplasty Surgery in Canadainvolves lessening the external folds of labia minora and the tissue encompassing the vulva of the vagina. This strategy is extraordinarily intended to upgrade the appearance of your genitalia as well as helpful if the additional tissue of your labia is meddling with sexual activity.


If you have problems with hanging or protruding labia causes distress when wearing tight garments, at that point this medical procedure can be a magnificent choice for you. In general, it is done under general anesthesia and it gives a more youthful look.

Moreover, Labiaplasty Surgery in Canada is such a tremendous solution for you at this moment and At Meridia Medical, we will give you better assistance.


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