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WHY Labiaplasty

  • The size and shape of the inside labia (labia minora) is different for everyone. Some of small, some larger, some have an irregular edge and some hang down or even extend higher up alongside the clitoral area.
  • If you have no concerns and the size and shape is okay for you, then you shouldn’t do anything.
  • If you are self-conscious and they are bothering you, or if you wish to have them made smaller or neater, so that they don’t stick out too much, then a safe labiaplasty done correctly is available at Meridia Medical by Dr David Gerber.
  • Very large and floppy inner labia can also be difficult to keep clean and odour free.
  • Labiaplasty is very effective if the inner labia are too long, irregular, uncomfortable or get in the way causing discomfort or pain when exercising or during sex or if they require constant adjusting for you to be comfortable. The edges can also be darker than the rest.
  • It is not uncommon that we hear from our patients that they are self-conscious and embarrassed about the large size and shape of their labia, that they avoid having sex with partners, or have sex in the dark, or never shower or change in front of anyone else, even when changing or showering at the gym.
  • Being so embarrassed and avoiding relationships can cause loss of libido, loss of self-confidence, anxiety or even depression.


  • So please call us to make an appointment to discuss labiaplasty if you feel the need. We are honest with you about what is feasible and what is marketing hype. If you have the surgery, you should have an excellent result and feel much more comfortable.

For Labiaplasty please book a consultation at which time you can view before and after photos

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